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In our era, colaborative knowledge and Internet transcend the borders between people, scientific domains and the areas of our planet. This site is dediated to the research of the cross-overs between seemingly disparate areas, East and West, science and esoteric knowledge, spiritual and physical, Oneness and Uniqueness, problems of mankind and the ideas for their solution. .

As a number of people who seriously searched for the Truth discovered, and as described in the book Jade Writing, the "gray areas" and singularity points between domains, even though outside of the familiar set of rules, are also subject to the profound laws of Nature. Causality and paradox, Symmetry and Symmetry-Breaking, peace and change together form the Mysterious Reality. Every era brings different advantages and challenges in understanding the Universe and this is a never-ending process. However, the open space of Infinite Mysteries should not discourage us, as it is also balanced by the holistic Truths with inner consistence and completeness, that can satisfy the thirst of the researchers. The cultivation of Peace and Prosperity together is not just a moral aspiration, it is a response to a a beautiful design pattern of the Universe, that transcend closed and open systems, Self and Selflessnes.

With the advancement of the overall human knowledge, the methodology and the systems of reference of the researchers were also subject to the change. Lately, due to increased powers of technology that affect all people on Earth, many humanitarians have been independently coming to an idea of the Global Awareness. The feeling of Oneness or Selflessness, that in a pragmatic sense mapps to a field of the current knowledge and energy effects, has thus grown from the hords, tribes and ethnic groups to the whole Mankind.

The maturation of the global access to the facts and information around the world makes possible for the people, for the first time, to see and understand the reality not only from the viewpoints of a specific domain, their own expierence or one of surrounding community circle (zero or one-dimensional viewpoint arrangements), but also from the more holistic system of reference, a two-dimensional, planetary. Sphere Perspective, compiled as a mosaic of many participating sources of information. From even wider point of view though, known to the practitioners of the esoteric sciences, the overall human conscsiosness is also just a tiny drop in the sea of the higher-dimensional, infinite Divine Spirit.

The role of the Individual and the smaller communities, at any level, is not reduced in any way by its integration to a Whole, it just settles into its true place and identity, a root of the unique, noble, mission within a higher reality. The holography principle discovered by physicist David Bohm, doctor Karl Pribram and others, an interaction between Universal and Specific, Macrocosms and Microcosmos, Great (Tai) Harmony and Central (Zhong) Harmony of the ancient Taoist studies, or Totality Centering Symmetry is one of the deepest Laws of the Nature. We can mature and prosper immensly by letting the Light of the Universal Wisdom into ourselfs. At the same time we never know how much the whole world can benefit from the seemengly accidental insights or advancements of any group of people or the single Individual.

Our aspiration here is to present some work that should be hopefully beneficial to the underlined mission and also to let all people, who feel the inner urge to help the others,,to express the ideas that might bridge the gaps between the isolated systems or solve the problems that affect all of us.

Jade Writing (Yellow Court Classic)

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